Monday, October 8, 2007

Need to Know: Dragons of Zynth

I don't know what Zynth is, but these guys are most definitely musical beasts: visceral, evokative, simultaneously melodic and distorted. It's musical alchemy: a clash of Earth and Fire elements at their most potent, and best when played very loud.

To categorize this sound would be futile. The labels thrust on them by magazines: art rock, psychedelic rock, avant-rock . . . all mediocre labeling at best. Here's what you need to know: the heart of the band is two twin brothers, Aku and Akwetey. As Cleveland-born, Brooklyn-based and West African-descended brothers, their geographical diversity is nearly as complex as their sound. Post-punk played through a psychedelic lens, jazz funk propelled by shoegaze rock -- whatever you call it, it is tinged with African rhythms and stylings.

Oh yeah, and the brothers also studied theory with legendary jazz-artist Yusef Lateef, incorporating his autophysiopsychic approach to creating music. That would be where the visceral evokations come into play, and it's also likely a source of the band's complex and mutating arrangements.

Dragons of Zynth's debut album, Coronation Thieves, was released on Oct. 2nd. They've a slew of concert dates coming up, and DOZ is notorious for their manic live performances.

Check the tour schedule for more info, and buy the album here.


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