Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Need to Know: 1000 Robota

Most days you roll out of bed not expecting anything out of the ordinary. Most days you're right. This is not that day.

I was doing a bit of routine Myspace wankery -- clicking and reading and listening to friends of friends of friends' profiles. And I happened upon a band profile whose music shot electrodes through my headphones, down my aural passages and into the pit of my heart.

Hamburg post-punkers 1000 Robota are to blame. They mix sharp melodies and staccatoed percussion with intense German vocals for a truly enthralling sound. I have no idea what they're singing about, yet every song is curiously hypnotic.

Somewhat shockingly, the band is helmed by 17 year olds Jonas Hinnerkort and Sebastian Muxfeldt, and 18 year old Anton Speilmann. That the trio has already carved a sound so particular, and plays it with such confidence, surely foreshadows great things to come.

They've just released a five-track EP, Hamburg Brennt, on Tapete Records. The title track is as catchy as it is manic, speeding furiously for two minutes before coming to an abrupt halt. "Sachen Erleben" is another gem, especially intriguing for its complex arrangement and dark bass line.

The end track is a cover of "Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt," originally by early 80s German avant-rock/post-punk/dadaist rock band Palais Schaumburg. It is basically a contemporary take on the song, minus the details (no trumpet!) that make the original so damn cool. Still, it's a decent track, and I always get the warm fuzzies when bands pay tribute to their ancient influences.

Highly recommended.

Hamburg brennt - 1000 Robota

For fans of: Palais Schaumburg, Electricity in Our Homes, Nelson, Wire, Gang of Four.


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Leslie said...

I came to your blog via the 'Artie Shaw' name on your Blooger profile.

These guys are amazing!