Monday, September 3, 2007

Oasis Meets Pale Saints for Brazilians-turned-Londoners The Tamborines

Sally O'Gannon

The Tamborines
Planting Seed Records

Born in Brazil and living in London, The Tamborines do catchy fuzz rock as well as anyone at present. The trio’s debut EP is solid: nothing groundbreaking, but quite fun and elegant in its simplicity.

Title track “Sally O’Gannon" starts things off with an intense wall of sound that permeates throughout and ties in perfectly with a classic pop melody and interstellar synth effects. In contrast, “Be Around” is not nearly so instantly likeable, and even seems to end prematurely, though after a few spins it does start to grow on the listener.

“Come Together” is an absolute gem: dirty rock baptized in a haze of dissonance and made (almost) whole again. And finally, “Sally O’Gannon (demo version)” offers listeners a chance to compare the title track with an earlier, stripped-down version. The band wisely chose to rework the track for a fuller sound, and paired here with the official version, the demo is frankly only interesting insomuch as listeners will want to compare the two.

What appears to separate The Tamborines from most novice bands is that they aren’t trying to fit into a scene. This isn’t trendy dance rock, nor is it hyper jangly rock. The Tamborines are anything but trendy and hyper, in fact. Their sound exudes a nonchalant coolness that seems to stem from knowing who they are as a band and being comfortable with it.

Overall, Sally O'Gannon is a highly promising debut, though “Sally O’Gannon (demo version)” is disappointing as a fourth and final song. Using the demo as the fifth track, with an entirely new fourth track added to the album, would have been wiser. As it stands, however, an EP with just three different songs is flimsy and far too fleeting for such an obviously talented group. Still, with whispers of an LP in the near future and a potential 2008 U.S. tour, it's hard not to get excited about what could be . . .

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Sally O’Gannon will be released in the U.S. on Sept. 4, and is only available online through Darla Records here. Catch the “Sally O’Gannon” video below:

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