Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bryan Scary's Scary New Album

Beware . . .

"Brooklynite Bryan Scary’s latest album is too too. Too what? Too everything. Leaving off not far from the style of his solo debut album,
The Shredding Tears, an album which showed flashes of Scary brilliance, I can only assume Bryan Scary decided he needed more of everything. So this time around, his touring band, the Shredding Tears, has recorded the album with him. And musically, he’s injected every sort of imaginable sound into any lulls lasting for more than two seconds. The end result is as mind-scrambling and ridiculous as his musical moniker."

- Read the scintillating rest here.

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Merrick's Parents said...

Bologna. Your review is pure bologna. Thankfully, real music critics sharply disagree with you. Good luck on your bologna blog. Perhaps you should pursue a real job.