Friday, February 1, 2008

Charlatans to Release New Album for Free

Brit rock masters The Charlatans will release their new album, You Cross My Path, for free beginning March 3rd. The album will then be available in CD and vinyl formats starting May 19th, on Cooking Vinyl records.

Ever prolific, this is the band's 10th studio album since releasing their epic debut, Some Friendly, back in 1990. Europeans will get first crack at hearing the album live as The Charlies jet from Portugal to Belgium throughout the month of February.

To download the album, simply go to on March 3rd. But to get you in the mood, the first single from the album, its namesake, is already available to download. Dig it at The Charlatans website, in the bottom right corner of the home page. Here's the album's full track listing:

1. Oh! Vanity
2. Bad Days
3. Mis-takes
4. The Misbegotten
5. A Day for Letting Go
6. You Cross My Path
7. Missing Beats (of a Generation)
8. My Name is Despair
9. Bird
10. This is the End

Preview lead single "You Cross My Path" right now:

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